A definition of oneself

A dear friend exchanged a definition of herself in beautiful words and meaning and I returned a definition of myself.
Lots of beautiful information of how I viewed myself at the time (September 2019) and a change to see where I am at 18 months later…

Here we go!
I may just be a swirl of universal consciousness looking at itself, but I feel like a separate self, learning what it is to be part of universal consciousness. At the same time I also like this definition; ‘I am a spiritual being living a human experience…’
I have just recently discovered a new part of myself; one that accepts that love, intuition and creativity, all unrestrained, are a major factor in how I should live life.

Maybe how we might all live life.

Maybe I am just becoming a new me…
I am on a new path, driven by a calling that is identifying itself to me every day. My friend calls it my ‘Hero’s journey’, and I like it… I might even identify with it.

I am learning that an open heart is best protection against anything that may happen to us in life. I am a dreamer, and part of my dreams I am able to make a reality.
I love to share, I love to create, and I love to build, both with my hands and with my head.
I am learning to listen with a newly discovered meaning of listening. And as I do so, I am learning that relationships with other people might just exist in another dimension from what I have known until now.

I am a social animal, I need friends around me… sometimes, just to drown my doubts and my shadows.

I am coming to terms with my newly discovered inner-child and its motivations. As I do, I realise, might continue to change… Self-knowledge is a major driver in my life, and I feel connected to persons who share that same interest. I am interested and like to share personal discoveries with the people around me.
I spend a lot of time on my inner journey of discovery.

I recognise when you say that you know in the deepest of your heart that all we are is love and we are here to love and be loved ❤